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Tips for cleaning up after pets

Review these tips for maintaining a clean house when living with a pet.

Review these tips for maintaining a clean house when living with a pet.

Like most first-time homeowners with pets, you want to protect your new property from the hair and set-in stains that usually accompany four-legged housemates. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially when particularly active animals are involved.

The best course of action is to develop a pet-focused cleaning strategy to keep your furry friends in check and your home clean. Ready to get started? Review these tips for maintaining a clean house when living with an animal:

Take preventive measures
To mitigate the negative impact of possible pet messes, you should institute some key preventive measures. First, address hair buildup by establishing sleeping and lounging areas for your pet, Martha Stewart suggested. Put down a dog or cat bed so your animal won't lie on the floor and leave hair behind. Periodically wash the bed to get rid of stuck-on strands. Additionally, mop and vacuum regularly to catch stray follicles. And, if you spot some hair on your upholstery, break out an adhesive lint roller to remove it. 

Next, tackle paw stains. Keep an extra towel by the door through which your pet enters and exits your home. This will allow you to get ride of mud or other outdoor debris before your animal brings it indoors. If you want to step up your efforts, install a matt at the door.

Develop stain-fighting procedures
No matter how diligent you are about preventing pet messes, you can't avoid them all. At some point, you will have to clean up after your pet. So, get prepared. Start by getting the requisite equipment. Dish-washing detergent is actually the most effective cleaning solution, Good Housekeeping reported. Have that on hand, along with a towel or two, to address messes as quickly as possible.

Clean up is simple. First, soak up any residual liquid and then add dish-washing soap and some water and blot the stain until it disappears.  

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